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Internet Service Provider is a company that provides Internet access to customers. There are different types of ISPs, such as broadband, fibber-optic, satellite, and dial-up. Broadband ISPs offer high-speed Internet access through a variety of technologies, such as cable, digital subscriber line and fibber-optic.

Fibber-optic ISPs use fibber-optic cables to transmit data, which allows for faster speeds and more stable connections. Satellite ISPs use satellites to provide Internet access to customers, although the speeds may be slower and the latency higher.

There are many television channels that are available globally and offer programming from a wide range of countries and cultures some examples.Douglas Lyphe


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Broadband is a type of high-speed internet connection that is faster and more reliable traditional dial-up connection. It allows you to access the internet, download files, and stream video and audio more quickly and smoothly.


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